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What is the purpose of a religion ?

Religions have many detractors these days. However, beyond religious conflicts, religions have a real social utility. Here is why.

Nowadays, the population is divided between those who remain faithful to a particular religion, but who tend to see other religions as enemies at worst, and exotic and incompatible beliefs at best, on the one hand, and on the other hand, those who think that Religion is only superstition, irrational belief in myths or lies, and undertaking to enslave the people by making them dream of tomorrows singing in an unreal paradise, attainable only after death, provided they are good students in real life.

The detractors of Religion say that Religion divides, and sets men against each other, when without it there would be no conflict.

However, the recent evolution of Civilization shows that Religion, although imperfect, nevertheless brings something useful and necessary to life in society. For, when one has no religion, the World becomes disenchanted, aimless, without destination, and becomes less civilized.

Why this?

The reason is that Religion is an ideology of the Soul, and in the case of the Crystal Religion, it is a true theory of the Soul. The Crystal Religion says that the Soul is something invisible, but very real: it is a Being, which does not live in the Physical Plane, but rather in the Psychic Plane. And the Psychic Plane is the world of relationships. Religion is therefore, for primitive religions, a user guide of the Soul, for pagan religions it is a practice of the Soul, for revealed religions it is an ideology of the Soul, and for the Crystal Religion it is a theory of the Soul. In all cases, it is a teaching about the Soul, that is, the part of our Being that is made up of bonds, relationships, connections, communications. Our Soul is our immaterial double that governs and realizes our network of relationships. That is why Religion teaches us to create and maintain relationships, to live in community. Religion teaches us to connect with other physical bodies, other psychic beings, souls, and other spiritual beings, gods or spirits. In particular, it teaches us to connect with the thread of Time, that is, with our ancestors in the past, and why not with our future beings in the future.

But then, why are religions so often enemies, or at least rivals?

The Crystal Religion proposes a theory of History that is directly related to the theory of the Soul. The theory of History of the Crystal Religion explains why, for many centuries, religions were enemies, and fought against each other by all means. But this same theory also explains why today it is possible to propose a Universal Religion, which integrates all religions into a coherent and complete system, and which therefore makes it possible to reconcile all religions among themselves, and to overcome the quarrels of bell towers, which at times could become real wars.

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