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What is Religion?

What are the main differences between religions, and why a new Universal Religion?

In the Crystal Religion, Religion can be defined according to three forms, which have successively existed in the course of history, and then a new form to which, precisely, the Crystal Religion belongs.

The first forms of religions were the primitive religions, based on animism, the belief that every form of life, and even every object, is animated by a spirit, good or bad, good or bad tempered, depending on the circumstances of life. To succeed in life in a primitive religion, one must consult the spirits, take their advice, praise them if they are in a good mood, or coax them if they are in a bad mood. In the animistic religions there are really no rules other than to adapt to the spirits' moods. And to know the mood of the spirits, you need a mediator who speaks to them, the shaman or the sorcerer.

After the primitive religions, pagan religions appeared, based on a pantheon of gods and goddesses, possessing magical powers, different according to the deities, and having a strong personality. In the pagan religions, in order to succeed in life, sacrifices must be made for the gods, and offerings must be made to them. In pagan religions, the rules to be followed are ritual rules: one must regularly go to the temple to make sacrifices and offerings during ceremonies. In order to attract the benevolence and assistance of the gods, it is necessary to maintain a priestly class to receive offerings, maintain the temples, and perform ritual ceremonies.

Following the pagan religions, the religions that I would describe as revealed religions, that is to say Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam, appeared. In these religions, in order to succeed in life, one must pray, abide by moral rules, practice a form of asceticism, mastery and self-control. When one has failed to observe morality, one must be forgiven through confession, penance and contrition. Man must purify himself, develop, and rise to fulfill his destiny and thus reach Paradise.

Now appears the Religion of Crystal, which aims to be universal, and to be based not on faith, but rather on knowledge. So how can one succeed in life within the framework of the Crystal Religion?

To answer this question, we must first analyze the difference between the Crystal Religion and other types of religions. To do this, we must consider the approach of the Crystal Religion which considers that Reality is made up of 3 superimposed planes, and a horizon that encompasses the totality of Reality.

Within this framework, primitive religions are religions of the Subconscious Mind, that is to say of animality, of the physical body, and are concerned above all with livelihood, dreams and Desires. Pagan religions are rather religions of the Psychic Plane, of the world of relationships, of Pleasure and Law. In these religions, the gods must be pleased with gifts, which provoke in them a feeling of contentment and benevolence. The revealed religions are religions of the Spiritual Plan which aim at the elevation, the improvement, the attainment of a higher level of Consciousness, in order to fully realize oneself, and thus to be positively judged in order to be able to reach Nirvana or Paradise. The Crystal Religion is a religion of the Whole that encompasses the 3 Planes of Reality simultaneously. That is why it is a universal religion. Not because it seeks to impose itself to the detriment of other religions, but rather because it seeks to integrate all religions of all planes of reality into one coherent and comprehensive theory. It is inseparable from Time, because only a dynamic, temporal vision, divided into phases and ages, makes it possible to consider all religions as valid, not simultaneously at all times and forever, but successively, according to situations and according to moments.

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